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Reverse Resolutions 2019

January 9, 2020

Better late than never, right? I love looking at the past year to see what I’ve accomplished. I’ve got big plans for 2020 – mostly involving being home more. Still – it was an amazing year in many ways. What did I do?

2019 was the year of travel.

new zealand
A month in New Zealand
South Africa

I also taught in Napa California, New Orleans, Connecticut, Texas Hill Country, Houston, Lake Junalaska North Carolina. It was wonderful. It was also – a lot.

2019 was the year of making Lots of ART!

lyric kinard solo art show cary 2019
An entire gallery at the Cary Art Center
A Better World: heroes working for the greater good
Susan Brubaker Knapp and I curated an entire traveling exhibit.
You can see the travel schedule HERE

Did a little good in the world.

Mostly involving immigrant rights.
Want to join me?
My friend is walking across the border almost daily to Juarez to help the asylum seekers stuck there with no resources. She is bringing them blankets. It is cold and they are sleeping on the streets.
Click here if you want to send a quilt or blanket too.

I’m very, very fortunate that I don’t need my income for living expenses. I’ve been able to donate 20% of my gross income to charities. This coming year I’ve reserved time… my most scarce resource, to doing more hands-on service. There are families and children here that need our help, our love, our compassion.

I loved my family

They are the best. Really they are.  I couldn’t do any of this without their support. But I was gone too much last year. This year I’ve cut my travel down dramatically so I can get back to being the kind of mom I want to be. More here. 

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    susan brubaker knapp
    February 12, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    Hooray! What a year!

  • Reply
    Patti Maxwell
    January 12, 2020 at 9:26 pm

    Here, here! Well done in 2019 and great idea for 2020!

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