artwork rise by lyric montgomery kinard

Basic Design Intensive

Are you ready to exercise, challenge, and strengthen your muscle as an artist? Are you ready to delve deeply into your own voice and open wide your artists’ eye? If you have a formal art education you know how deliciously valuable a basic design refresher can be. If you have discovered your love of art outside of academia, this course is an opportunity to clarify and refine the skills you have developed intuitively.

essence II by lyric montgomery kinard

2 – 5 day class

This two day intensive offers clear and structured exercises centered around the basic principles and elements of design. Each exercise is designed to focus your power of observation and re?ne your understanding of the visual language. Freshen your outlook as you practice ways to ?nd inspiration everywhere you look. Hone your perspective as you learn to question design choices within a structured evaluation and emotionally safe critique process.

Fluency in the visual language, and an encouraging and easily understood teaching style help Lyric to guide you deeper into your own work. She will not teach you what she does, she will bring you closer to your own artistic clarity and purpose.”

• A willingness to WORK and an open and exploring attitude “
• Pencil, black pen, sharpie”
• Sketchbook, 8×10 or larger”
• Tracing paper (at least 15 sheets)”
• Paper scissors, fabric scissors”
• 2 Glue sticks (any kind, but purple glue shows up nicely)”
• Wipes (to clean glue off sticky ?ngers)”
• 1-2 yard regular weight Wonder-Under or your favorite fusible web”
• 2 Quart sized zip-loc bags full of fabric scraps to share with the class – include solids and neutrals – non-quilting fabric welcome”
• 3 fat quarters to share with the class”
• Baking parchment – about 2 yardsFoam core and pins to use as a design wall”
• (optional supplies) Mini iron & pressing board, rotary cutter and mat”

2 day course outline

2 Day Course Outline

Elemental Exercises
texture, shape, line.color value
slowing down and learning to see – exercising your artists eye” gathering inspirations – ?nding the art all around you
digging deep and doing the work

Mind Games and Bad Art
giving yourself time to learn and permission to fail
making bad art is vital to the process of making good art

using the elements to create abstract designs
concrete exercises that lead to unique and original abstractions

The Principles of Art – Building on the Elements
unity, balance, repetition, motion, focal point, scale, etc
design games, individual and group to get outside the box

Creative Composition
putting it together – creating meaningful compositions
basic fusing techniques to create studies or series
learning to analyze the elements through the design process

The Artists Eye
an emotionally safe and analytical approach to critique