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How a LIVE VIRTUAL Class Works

Option 1: 3hrs Live via Zoom

Plus 24 hours access to all pre-recorded online video tutorials

Option 2 6hrs live via Zoom
Plus 24 hours access to all pre-recorded online video tutorials

Option 3 3hrs live via Zoom + 1 week access to online course + 2hr live zoom wrap-up

Online course includes all pre-recorded videos and written instructions
1 week access to all video tutorials online
Lyric will answer questions in the online class platform for one week
1 hr Live Zoom class featuring a group Show & Tell and Question & Answer session

Option 4 Lyric takes direct payment from students at NO COST TO YOUR GUILD Option 
$40 per student for a 3hr class and $70 per student for a 6hr class.
You choose a course and a date, I set up the class online and each student signs up and pays me directly.
The format is the same as the live Zoom options. 
You share the advertising material and link I provide for the class and promote the class to your guild as often as you can.
Two weeks before the course starts I open up empty slots to my newsletter subscribers.
Please only use this option only if you think YOU can get at least 10 students to sign up for the course. It is fine to advertise outside of your guild.
To be clear, if you choose this option the guild does not pay me anything for the class but it is still included in our contract.

Lyric takes a limited number of gigs on a first come, first served basis. She does not lecture or teach on Sunday.
See Lyric's Live Virtual Class offerings HERE


$550 1hr Lecture and Powerpoint Presentation plus Q&A
$350 30 Minute Hands-On Exercises plus Q&A
Lyric is happy to get on early and chat. Each presentation includes time for Q & A.
Lyric will offer special sales from her website to guild members good for that day only.
$550 The Hands-On exercises can be extended into a Slide Presentation, exercise, Q&A
See Lyric's Lecture offerings HERE

Please e-mail Lyric with any questions and before filling out a contract.

PDF/ Pages/

Please go to https://lyrickinard.com/workshops/ for course descriptions and supply lists.


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Virtual bookings are available for 2022 & 2023

Virtual Pricing 2022/2023
6 hour class: $850
3 hour class: $550 
Lectures: $550 
Download a copy of Lyric's 2022/2023

PDF/ Pages/ Word

Lyric's In-Person 2022 travel schedule is full
Please inquire for 2023 Travel / In-Person bookings

In Person Pricing 2022/2023:
6 hour class: $850 
3 hour class: $575 
Lectures: $575 
Some in-person classes have additional supply fees.
Non-refundable booking fee for in-person events: $200.00 (deducted from class fee) Required at signing of contract.
In-Person bookings that involve more than 3 hours of travel require at least 2 full days of workshops plus a lecture or half day workshop.
(Even if my bookings are full, please do inquire if you live within driving distance of the following cities LA, SLC, Portland, Chicago, Kalispell)

Download a copy of Lyric's 2022/2023 
PDF/ Pages/ Word



Please e-mail Lyric for details about workshops.

The following information is specifically for IN-PERSON classes. Not all courses are currently available in a live-virtual format but please feel free to ask about any of them. Your request might push your favorite to the top of the "get it ready" list.

SURFACE DESIGN CLASSES Learn painting/dyeing techniques that you can practice and use in your work at home. These classes require access to water. If your space doesn't have hard/washable flooring we will need to lay down plastic to protect carpeting from paint.

ART & DESIGN CLASSES Learn design fundamentals. You can learn to think and see and create like an artist!!! (Yes, I’m talking to YOU!)

PROJECT CLASSES Create a small art quilt or book cover - but only if you want to. These classes still focus primarily on learning new techniques, which you can apply to a small project during class if you choose to.

CLASSES WITH EASY SUPPLY LISTS Students pay a supply fee and Lyric brings almost everything for you and/or an optional kit is offered so students don’t have to worry about bringing the “right” supplies.

Please e-mail Lyric for details about workshops.

MULTI-DAY CLASSES These classes work perfectly for multi-day classes or in a retreat setting. Please inquire for details. Each class can be custom tailored for content and length to your group's interests.

  • The Elements of Art for Quilters: A Basic Design Intensive 2-5 days
  • Masterclass for Quilters: An Advanced Design Intensive 4-5 days
  • Surface Design Sampler Platter: Boost it up to an entree per day 2 - 5 days
  • Playing With Paint: A Paint+Design Intensive 3 - 5 days

HALF-DAY CLASSES These classes fit nicely into 3 hours.


Why a booking fee for in-person? I take limited travel gigs. If you book me, then cancel because of low enrollment, you have taken a slot that could have gone to another guild. It is not an extra fee as long as you do not back out of our contract. It is deducted from the teaching fee charged when I arrive. Please make every effort to fill your workshops. Feel free to have Lyric "pop in" to a virtual guild meeting ahead of time to say hello and tell people about her upcoming workshops.

Why a higher cost per hour for a 3 hour class? Because it takes me as long to prepare for and set up and make kits for a 3 hour class as it does for a 6 hour class. It's typical to spend a full day prepping (making kits, ordering supplies, packing and shipping) for every class I teach.

Will you stay with a guild member to save on hotel costs? Sure. I do require a private room and bathroom and no children, smoking, or pets. I have enough annoying allergies that if I sleep in a house with pets I'll be coughing and wheezing and snarky and tired all the next day. That's not fun for me or the students in class! You can find a "care and feeding of lyric" F.A.Q. here.


LECTURES Lyric currently offers four lectures. Detailed descriptions can be found here.  The first two are powerpoint/slide type lectures. I bring my own equipment but you will need to have a room that can darken and have a screen or wall for me to project onto. The wearable art lecture can be turned into a really fun participants fashion show added into the wearables I have made.

  • The Taming fo the Hues: a color play - teaches basic color theory in an entertaining and practically useful way.
  • The Elements of Art for Every Quilter: teaches basic design in an understandable way to every kind of quilter.
  • Living Lyrically: inspires everyone to make use of the creativity they have by finding inspiration, beauty, and joy everywhere they look.
  • Playful Portraiture: making faces in fabric - an overview of many styles of quilted portraiture.
  • Excuse Me, Is that a quilt you're wearing?: live fashion show with local participation.
  • Want to Teach?: business development lecture for aspiring quilt-circuit teachers.
  • Failure is an Option!: why making bad art is vital to good artists - more of a group discussion geared towards art quilters but applicable to anyone who MAKES things.

Hands-On Design Exercises are shorter (30-40 minute) events that are perfect for virtual guild meetings. Each one is an easy and popular exercise from one of her workshops that is engaging, fun, and educational for all guild members. They have very easy and short supply lists for members to have handy as Lyric teaches them useful design principles.

  • A Window into Inspiration: create thumbnails for your own unique abstract designs.
  • Cutting Edge Abstract Design: take a recognizable object and morph it into an abstract design all your own.
  • Opposites Attract: an exercise teaching how complementary colors interact in your quilts.
  • Silly Selfie Postcards: learn some easy portraiture concepts such as placement and proportion and make a seriously silly selfie.


Lyric has taught for every kind of venue from huge conferences to private studio lessons.

Let Lyric bring her passion for sparking the creativity in others to you!


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