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The Elements of Art for Quilters: the ultimate cram course (without the final exams!)

Kick-start your creativity and learn about the basic elements and principles of good design. Learn why some colors fizz while others explode, why some quilts calm and some excite. This lecture will help you learn few simple tools from the artist’s kit that will help you take your work, whether traditional or contemporary, to the next level.

Maker Unknown c.1850

Lyric translates the language of ART into delightful and simple to understand concepts and presents them in such an entertaining and practical way that everyone goes home thinking, “I can do that!” She is on a crusade to convince every quilter that they can use the principles of art in whatever kinds of quilts they love to create.

Audience participation keeps viewers engaged after the lights go down and the gorgeous quilts go up on the screen. Examples from every genre in the quilt world show how you can use a broader color palette to showcase your favorite blue, or more intentional methods for using differently scaled prints.

This is a PowerPoint/slide lecture. A screen or wall to project on and a room that can be darkened are required.

Living Lyrically: be inspired, create beauty, find joy

Take a lighthearted journey with Lyric along her circuitous and unexpected path towards life as  a quilt artist. Laugh along as she juggles fabric and family and deals with both duties and dreams. See her first quilts, current work, and a lot of the stuff in between, both the good and the embarrassingly bad.

But this lecture isn’t really about Lyric, it’s about YOU. Learn that where you are right now is the best place to start. Lyric will give you a a quick peek at the various studios she has inhabited and practical tips for how to carve out your own space. She will show you where to find the time to follow your creative passion. If she can do it with five kids and while running a business, you can find time to make a quilt. (You choose whether she is still sane or not!)

Come away fired up, ready to get out there and learn new things, do the hard work necessary and to be fearless enough to create your very own kind beauty.

 This is a PowerPoint/slide lecture. A screen or wall to project on and a room that can be darkened are required.

Excuse me, is that a quilt you're wearing?Excuse me, is that a quilt you’re wearing?

Preen with the peacocks of the quilting world and learn to avoid some of its foibles during this romp through the wonderful world of wearable art.

The elements of art are discussed as they relate to quilts and to draping quilts onto the human form. How do our quilting passions best translate into moveable, touchable, practical, wearable art? Where to use batting and where to NOT use batting. How lines and colors attract the eye – and do you really want the viewer’s eyes to linger THERE? Lyric’s favorite quilted wearable and garment sewing techniques are shared and viewers are given ideas for how they can translate their love of

A rollicking participants fashion show will allow your guild members who just can’t resist wearing their art on their sleeve to really strut their stuff. Lyric talks about each piece and points out something wonderful about each wearable as the makers strut their stuff. Lyric will bring several of her award winning wearables for you to examine, “up close and personal!” She doesn’t have a “hands off” policy with her wonderful wearable art.

This is a fashion show – volunteer models and some sort of dressing room are required. Please download and read this information sheet to understand requirements.

You never know who and what is going to show up at a participant’s fashion show. Lyric isn’t afraid to ham it up!


(which are also entertaining and informative but have narrower audience)

Want to Teach? things you should know before you go

If you are considering entering the national market as a quilt teacher it can be incredibly helpful to glean knowledge from someone already there. Before Lyric Montgomery Kinard, the 2011 International Association of Professional Quilters Teacher of the Year, started teaching she feasted at the table of wisdom from some very generous and well-established national teachers. Come share in an open and frank discussion about the realities of hitting the road.

Failure is the Best Option: why making bad art is vital to good artists

Overcoming the fear of failure, embracing it in fact, is a vital step towards becoming the artist you desire to be. Too many of us are held back by the fear of imperfection and never reach our full potential. Embracing the concept of making “bad art” might surprisingly lead to some of your best work.

Lyric will lead a structured discussion about the benefits of embracing failure and of treating art as a science in which every failed experiment leads you closer to the “Eureka” discovery. Participants will discuss and delve deeply into some thought provoking questions about their own studio practices.

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