creative collaborative collage workshop

Creative Collaborative Collage

CCC1.200pxReady for some fast and frenetic fun with fabric?

During this free flowing event participants will be taught various design basics such as color schemes, focal point, proportion, formulas for making a face, etc. while collaboratively creating several 5x7 art cards. Expect lots of learning and laughter, a little creative chaos, and the opportunity to make new friends.

Join IAPQ 2011 Teacher of the Year, Lyric Kinard for a few fabulous hours of playing design games. Come ready to make new friends, laugh, share, and make some ART!

Class Length: 3 hour format
Skill level: All levels
Supply Fee: $5

 Supply List:

  • $5 supply fee
  • 1qt zip-loc bag of fabric scraps and embellishments that you are willing to share.
  • 2 plain/solid(ish) fat quarters to share
  • small bag/box/purse containing paper and fabric scissors, hand sewing needle, neutral colored thread, thimble (optional), sharpie - you'll be taking these supplies with you as you change locations
  • an attitude of playful exploration

The Ideas Behind the Exercises:

  • everyone can be an artist if you are willing to try and put in the effort (just like learning to read)
  • new skills can be acquired at any stage in life if you give yourself time to learn
  • let go of expectations of perfection - fear of failure leads to inhibitions and stagnation
  • making BAD ART is a necessary step towards making good art

Participants cut and glue fabric and embellishments onto the Pellon base material. Sewing and finishing of the art card can happen at home if the participant desires - no pressure to do so - remember it’s make BAD ART day! Throughout the process Lyric will throw in surprises such as trading your card with the person next to you, or getting up and moving to a different table.

This event is very improvisational and the design exercises change according to the progress and ability level of each group. The event is never the same twice.

Click here to view a printable  Supply List
You will need Adobe Reader, which is available here for free.

Classroom Requirements:
Screen or wall to project demos onto - all students in room must be able to see it
Room to move around tables. Tables should be pushed together so there is room for 4 - 6 students per table.
Supply fee covers postcard base material, glue sticks, wipes

Creative Collaborative Collage as an EVENT!
This class works well as an evening event for quilting conferences or retreats and is scalable for large numbers of participants.
A PDF information sheet can be downloaded here.

Please see the Hiring Information page if you would like to book this class.





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