the elements of art workshop

The Elements of Art for Quilters

Essential_Elements_thumbKick-start your creativity and learn about the basic elements of good design through a series of short, hands-on exercises. Learn why some colors fizz while others explode, why some quilts calm and some excite. A few simple tools from the artists kit will help you take your work, whether traditional or contemporary, to the next level.

Lyric translates the language of ART into delightful and simple to understand concepts and presents them in such an entertaining and practical way that everyone goes home thinking, "I can do that!" She is on a crusade to convince everyone that they can use the principles of art in whatever kinds of quilts they love to create.

Students will discuss some of the basic principles of design including focal point, line, texture, color, shape and motion. Quick, hands-on exercises will help the student to understand and implement these principles in their own artwork. We view and discuss great artworks and have very positive and helpful critique sessions in multi-day workshops.

Virtual Class Length: 3 hour, 6 hour, or 1 to 5 day format
In-Person Class Length: 6 hour, or 1 to 5 day format
Skill level: All levels
Supply Fee: none


  • 8” x 10” (or around that size) sketchbook (spiral bound is easiest)
  • (In-Person) quart sized zip-loc bag of scrap fabric including some neutrals (white, creme, beige), any fibers, or papers are welcome. This fabric will be shared with your classmates. (Virtual = access to your stash.)
  • glue stick
  • baby wipes (to get glue off fingers)
  • scissors
  • pencil and black ink pen
  • this class can also be worked with paper, markers, paint, or any medium you prefer


Click here to view a printable  supply list
You will need Adobe Reader, which is available here for free.

Please see the Hiring Information page if you would like to book this class.



Exercises are done by glueing fabric shapes directly into a sketchbook.


Students show off their favorite design exercises.


How a LIVE VIRTUAL Class Works

Option 1
3hrs Live via Zoom

Plus 24 hours access to all pre-recorded online video tutorials

Option 2
6hrs live via Zoom
Plus 24 hours access to all pre-recorded online video tutorials

Option 3
3hrs live via Zoom + 1 week access to online course + 2hr live zoom wrap-up
Online course includes all pre-recorded videos and written instructions
1 week access to all video tutorials online
Lyric will answer questions in the online class platform for one week
1 hr Live Zoom class featuring a group Show & Tell and Question & Answer session

Option 4
The NO COST TO YOUR GUILD Option, Lyric takes direct payment from students
You choose a course and a date, I set up the class online and each student signs up and pays me directly.
The class is still a live class. I charge $35 per student for a 3hr class and $65 per student for a 6hr class.
You share the advertising material and link I provide for the class and promote the class to your guild as often as you can.
Two weeks before the course starts I open up empty slots to my newsletter subscribers.
Please only use this option if you think at least 10 students will sign up for the course.
To be clear, if you choose this option the guild does not pay me anything for the class but it is still included in our contract.