layered thermofax screen printing

winged things: layered screen printing

Come create whimsical and creative whole-cloth compositions while learning screen printing techniques such as discharge, ghost printing, masking, foiling, and layering. Design principles such as unity, repetition, and focal point will be discussed as we play around with thermofax screen printing. As an added bonus, Lyric will teach you how to mount your finished work on a gallery wrapped canvas, a fabulous technique for a professional presentation of your art. 

layered thermofax screen printing class with lyric kinard

Let Lyric guide you through the basics of what, exactly, a thermofax screen is, and how it’s made. Then she helps you begin your own creative journey as she shows you how to find and design your own imagery so that you can have a custom screen made for you later if you fall in love with the technique. Learn all about the basic supplies you will need and then get printing! Lyric will explain the properties of textile paints, how to prepare, care for, and use your screens, and finally how to design and create your own beautiful whole-cloth composition.

layered thermofax screenprinting class with lyric kinard

Class Length:3 hour format
Skill level: all levels
Supply Fee: $45.00 

Supply List:

  • Lyric will bring all printing supplies for the class
  • 2 yards white cotton fabric, washed and ironed
  • 2 Fat Quarters plain pale cotton fabric, washed and ironed
  • Scissors, for both paper and fabric
  • Wear old clothes or an apron
  • Required $45 supply fee
  • Optional hair drier, gloves

Classroom Requirements:

Access to water

No more than two students per table

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layered thermofax screen printing class with lyric kinard