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Playful Portraiture: making faces

Come spend a playful day learning the secrets of making faces, from whimsical and cartoon-like to accurately proportioned portraits. You will discover that it isn’t nearly as hard as you imagined. Get seriously silly with your selfies.

You can learn to create portraits with or without technology. Lyric will teach non-tech methods all day and during, bringing practice photos for students to learn on. During the last hour of class Lyric will demonstrate how she uses technology to speed the process. Those students who don’t wish to use tablets or smart phones can continue to work on their projects during this time.

Class Length: 6 hour format
Skill level: all levels
Supply Fee: none


  • Quart sized ziplock bag of scraps to share: small-scale tone on tone prints, batiks, and neutrals, dark/med/light of one color, plus a few yarns and embellishments for hair
  • Fabric scissors, paper scissors
  • Glue sticks and wet wipes (to clean glue off hands)
  • A couple yards of baking parchment or silicone press sheets
  • 1 yard of regular weight Wonder-Under or your favorite fusible web, unless you’ve pre-fused your fabrics. (Please no Heat-n-Bond)
  • Sketchbook or plain paper, pencil, eraser, sharpie
  • 8x10ish scrap of solid black fabric, and a fairly dark mostly solid
  • Fat quarter each of two almost solid light colors
  • Half a fat quarter of a-little-bit-less-light almost solid
  • Half a fat quarter of a medium almost solid (or any wild thing that will work for hair)
  • Optional: mini-iron and pressing surface
  • Optional: small light box/table and tracing paper if you do not have a tablet
  • Note: you do not need to bring photos, Lyric will bring portraits for you to practice on.

We will be spending the last hour of class learning how digital tools such as tablets and smartphones can make your face-making easier. If you do not have a tablet but do have a smart phone, go ahead download Snapseed and Paper Camera. If you have neither – you will still learn how to make patterns from pictures “old school!” and go home able to create your own patterns.

If you choose to use technology you must know how to turn on your tablet, and have the apps loaded BEFORE CLASS!  You must be able to open the Apps on your own.
Our classroom might not have WiFi and if you have not previously set up your accounts and loaded your Apps you might not be able to do it in class. Many of the Apps need you to configure permissions, such as allowing your camera to access the App. Don’t be afraid to play around with each App before class and discover some of the things they can do.  I promise you will be MUCH happier if you get a little practice in before class.
  • Know how to turn on your device: I will not be able to help each individual in class turn on and configure their device
  • Have your device fully charged: we will not have enough outlets for more than two people
    • bring a charger if you have one – it can power an LED lightbox as well
  • Download Adobe Draw on a tablet and register for your free account BEFORE CLASS
  • Download Snapseed on a tablet or smartphone and open and play around with it BEFORE CLASS
  • Download Paper Camera on a tablet or smartphone by JFDP labs (iOS) or Paper Artist by JFDP labs (android) BEFORE CLASS. (If you don’t want to pay for the app, no worries. You  and  watch  how  we  use  it  then  decide  if  you  want  it.)
  • Download Lightbox (iOS) or Light Box: lightbox tracing table (android) on a tablet BEFORE CLASS
  • If you do not have the lightbox app on a tablet, bring an LED light box with a usb charger (the battery pack you can charge your phone with).

Click here to view a printable supply list
You will need Adobe Reader, which is available here for free.

Classroom Requirements:

One iron and board per 5 students.
Parchment or teflon press sheets for each ironing station.
A screen or wall on which to project demonstrations.

Please see the Hiring Information page if you would like to book this class.











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Playful Portraiture Making Faces