Picture it Framed


Your small scale textile art will never be mistaken for a potholder again! Come create a small fabric collage, learn some basic design, quite a few beading techniques, and make a small art-quilt. While you paint a canvas and mount your artwork, Lyric will demonstrate a number of different framing and mounting possibilities suitable for any textile treasure you create.

Supply Fee: $10.00 per student
Optional Kit $25.00
6 hour format

$10.00 supply fee (covers canvas and framing materials)
Fabric scissors
Small shallow bowl or container to keep beads in (“Altoid” type tins work well)
Rubber finger (optional – to help pull your needles… from an office supply store)
Lamp or Magnifying lamp (optional)

Buy a kit ($25) There is no need to reserve a kit. Lyric will bring plenty.

OR bring:

  • seed beads: size 11 and/or 15, 1 tube each of 2 colors
  • seed beads: size 6, 1 tube
  • bugle beads: 1 tube
  • cabochon, button (no shank) or flat bead, minimum 20mm diameter
  • fat quarter or 8×10 piece of background fabric
  • couple of fabric scraps (pre-fused to wonder-under if you’d like to save a little time)
  • long applique needle size 11 (I prefer foxglove cottage straw needles)
  • batting, fat quarter sized or 8”x10”
  • wonder-under, 1/2 yd
  • Fabric for back of quilt, 8”x10” or fat quarter
  • nymo or sylamide beading thread: to match your beads or background fabric

Click here to view a printable supply list
You will need Adobe Reader, which is available here for free.

Classroom Requirements:

One iron and board per 5 students.
Parchment or teflon press sheets for each ironing station.
A screen or wall on which to project demonstrations.

Please see the Hiring Information page if you would like to book this class.

Student Gallery:

By Lisa Dodson

By Lisa Dodson