a week long design intensive – i can’t wait!!!

March 24, 2017

Does your creative brain wake up with the rest of nature like mine does? The trees budding seems to pull the sap out of hibernation in my own spirit. When that happens I get all excited and start making plans! Some of those plans are for my own artwork but many of them include classes I want to share with my students!

Have I got something wonderful for you!!!! 

This summer I’ll be teaching a FIVE DAY workshop at one of the most venerated institutions among artists who work with textiles as a medium. ProChemical and Dye has been a primary resource for many of us working in the field of surface design. In fact, the very first class I took when I decided I wanted to DO THIS was with Don Weiner, the founder of the company. I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to be part of this great company for a short while.

I’ll be giving you glimpses of what we will be learning in this class over the next couple of weeks but let me tell you this – it is going to be FUN – INTENSE – and very, very, EDUCATIONAL! In one week we will play with a great variety printing techniques such as 

  • stamp carving
  • stencil cutting
  • screen printing
  • photo transfer
  • foiling

Mixed all in with that we will play with design exercises that will teach us more about the Elements and Principles of art.

  • how to create pleasing and well integrated designs on our cloth
  • how to create whole cloth focal point art with printing
  • how to create art with the cloth we create

I know you would love this class! Won’t you join me?

You can REGISTER here!

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    Denny Webster
    March 26, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Thank you, Lyric. Your articulate statements will not sway those who are entrenched in the Fox News (and entertainment/opinion), but it helps many of us to know we are not alone. We continue to Resist.

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