Lesson Learned: Evernote vs Apple’s Notes

January 2, 2020

Sometimes I jump a little too soon. I absolutely love The Marker’s Yearbook that I reviewed in my last post, and wanted to add to it’s functionality by being able to work on the PDF pages on my iPad. The planner pages I print out from the PDF file I purchased are in a 3 ring binder. My iPad is with me much more often. I started researching and found that Evernote is an amazing system. So I bought in.

Document scanning
PDF annotation
Easy searchability
Handwriting recognition for searches

Sharing straight from Evernote only really works if the person you are sharing with also uses Evenote.
When I toggle back and forth on my devices between a note and somewhere else that I’m copying and pasting from, I have to search and find the note every. single. time. Instead of holding the note open so that I can just paste.

Then I found this guy’s video…..

And guess what? Notes – which I already have and use extensively, can do ALL those things. Go figure. I just never pay attention to the updates and never bothered to look at what all the little icons can do. I should. I really should. 

I already have a huge library there. Now I need to organize it.

Lesson Learned: pay attention to what you already have and play with any new little icon you see!

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    Patti Maxwell
    January 5, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    Excellent advice. I am always kicking myself when I find out what my electronics can do that I didn’t know about.

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    Mary Ritter
    January 2, 2020 at 11:56 am

    I just upgraded to an iPad 2018 with Gen 2 Pencil. MY old notes is full os stuff, but I never really used iT except as a storage bin. Now I am discovering that I can even create art in it, so I need to study up on it.

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