Mill Wheel XII: running by Lyric Montgomery Kinard

Abstract-A-Licious online opens next week

February 6, 2020

Have you ever designed your own abstract art? Have you looked at other people’s abstract works and thought, I wish I could do that? It’s not as hard as you think. Really , truly, it isn’t.

Essence II by Lyric Montgomery Kinard
Essence II

I often start with just a few quick and easy exercises that help generate ideas. They are rarely full-fledged and finished compositions but they are the sparks that light the fire.

Mill Wheel VII: order with chaos
Mill Wheel VII: order with chaos

I’ll share these exercises with you in my online course, Abstract-A-Licious, opening next friday. What a sweet Valentines gift to show your inner artist you love her, right!?

Register HERE

This course includes space for you to share your pictures and get feedback from your classmates. The more you contribute, the livelier class will be.  Lyric will pop in twice a week to give feedback on each picture posted. This platform provides a safe space for a lively and sharing creative community to explore without judgement and competition.

Each week you’ll receive an email with a link to a new lesson. The lessons are available 24/7 and you’ll receive a downloadable step-by-step pdf to work from. There are short videos to show how Lyric works each exercise and to explain the gist of things.

Just like in a live classroom, you’ll be able to see your fellow students work and discuss how things are going. You’ll get encouragement and instruction from Lyric on all the work you post.

Supplies consist of things you already have at hand so you won’t be time or money shopping for things you might not use again. The most important supply is an adventurous willingness to explore, grow, and play as you learn to see and create within the framework of abstract design. Doodles will be scribbled, eyes and minds will be opened, and fun will be had. Won’t you join us?

Registration is open now

The classroom will open for introductions on February 14
Lesson 1 will open on February 17
Lyric’s last comment on student assignments will be April 10th  but the classroom will not close. 
You will have continual access to these lessons.

The classroom opens as soon as you register.
You can introduce yourself and familiarize yourself with the online classroom.
Lessons will consist of short video introductions and PDFs.

  • Introductions: February 14
  • What is Abstract design: February 17
  • Exercise 1 – Looking through a Window (Gathering Lines): February 21
  • Exercise 2 – The Borrowers (Shape in Composition): February 28
  • Exercise 3 – Doodle-icious (Pattern and Value): March 6
  • Break Week
  • Exercise 4 – Warping Reality (Shape and Meaning): March 20
  • Exercise 5 – Ideas into Art (Working with Studies): March 27
  • Wrap Up – Student Gallery: April 3
  • Lyric’s last comments on student work: April 10
  • Remember – Classroom never closes, you will have permanent access to lessons
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