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Dreams & Destinations

January 3, 2023

Have you ever felt the deep sense of satisfaction upon arrival at a destination you’ve been dreaming of visiting for ages? That gratifying fulfillment can be especially profound if it took a lot of effort and struggle to get there. It’s like reaching the peak of a mountain after a long and arduous climb. It feels so beautifully sweet just to rest and absorb a breathtaking vista. 

And yet, arrival can also feel like the very beginning of a great adventure.


The beautiful thing about a vista is that it can show you a new destination that can only be seen from this vantage, after the struggle of the climb. 

The achievement of one goal can show you the next desire of your heart, the beginning of your next journey.

(I’ve never liked the word “goal” with its implications of checklists and my inevitable bend the real world to my will and my calendar.)

I prefer the words “dream” and “journey.” They feel expansive. A journey captures my attention and sets my imagination to spinning. It requires movement and effort and growth. A dream can feel real or ephemeral and leaves room to imagine what impossible thing might be possible.

Come, butterfly
It’s late –
We’ve miles to go together.
Matsuo Basho

That hunger to start your next journey begins with a vision of where you want to go. 

But then?

With all those grand views swimming in your heart,  the process begins with something as small as

a single step in the right direction.

It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of opposites.
A grand journey beginning with a small step. 

What is your grand dream for this year? 
What journey will you begin?
What will be your first step?

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    Patti Maxwell
    January 8, 2023 at 7:04 pm

    Off to think upon what my grand dream for the year should be!

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