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Congratulations to Autumn Adams who is the winner of Desriee Habicht’s pattern book and fabric bundle. In answer to my question, “how does art help you through the rough times?”  she said that “The wonderful thing about creating is that it puts you in the “now” so that while we are grieving we are also celebrating life because creating is giving birth.” I wholeheartedly agree.


Today, because I would rather spend some time making art instead of writing about it, I am going to give away a sweet little set of mini thermofax screens. I know it is hard to see them – they are a pair of royal seagulls dressed up in their funky finest… a small version of the pair I used (in a different technique) for this piece.


Today I hope to spend lots of time in the studio – screen printing. I spent the morning repairing all the broken paypal buttons on my thermofax paint page – did you know I get to carry ProChem’s textile paint now? It’s totally my favorite for screen printing. I have them in the basic primary and neutral kits as well as my favorite three pearlescent silver, gold, bronze 4-1

Leave a comment here telling me what kind of art you would love to make on a cold, wet, shut-in kind of day.

I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday.

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  1. On a cold day I would quilt in my sewing room. If there is any sunshine at all, it will come through those Windows. I never tried terminating. Maybe I should try that on a cold day.

  2. Frieda Stewart says:

    A cold, wet, shut-in kind of day is a downer to me so on that kind of day I want to create art using bright, clear, spring colors. The art could be journal pages, needle felting, crazy quilting, or other forms of art but the colors I would use are pure colors and nothing greyed down like the colors outside.

  3. Crocheting under a quilt for me!

  4. As long as I can have a few hours to myself, rain or shine I like working on my different projects. What I work on depends on what class or meeting is coming up next, hehe. I do quilting, embroidery, applique and hand piecing.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  5. Teddi Munslow says:

    on a cold wet drab day I love to dig into my silks and dye some silk scarves. Nothing like the unexpected surprises of dye on silk to lift one’s spirits.

  6. Charlotte Key says:

    I love to dye fabric for my quilting habit. These seagulls are so cute and since I live in the Seattle area I would love to have them. I so enjoy your art, you have inspired me to bigger and better artwork.

  7. Debbie Krueger says:

    A cold dreary day would find me finishing Christmas blankets for my niece and nephews so I can get back to artful things!

  8. Suzanne Logan says:

    After a 10 month drought here in California I am dancing for a rainy day shut-in. That is the perfect time to learn a new technique. For me that is beading. I am stockpiling supplies like a squirrel and watching the skies for dark, water-laden clouds. Bring on the wet stuff so I have an excuse to learn beading on my art quilts!

  9. Marysu Bennett says:

    I want to warm myself up in my studio making more than just a mess! Cold winter days are perfect for finishing UFOs!

  10. When it is nasty out I like to be creating with bright and cheerful colours in my studio. Whether doing surface design or piecing my coloured fabrics into a pleasing art quilt, bright colours brighten up my day! And that is where I will be today as it is gray and snowy out again…

  11. When it is cold and wet outside I can think of no better place to be than my bright yellow studio, doing some surface design, or if it is really cold and the wet is snow, curling up under the textile piece I am doing stitching on. It warms the body and spirit to add beautiful colors and patterns and textures one stitch at a time by hand. Add a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate and you have a perfect day even if the weather doesn’t agree.

  12. On a cold shut in day I like to make a pieces about tea. It could involve a cup, pot or even use the tea bags I save. It gets my creative juices flowing, of’course I am drinking tea as I work.

  13. upstatelisa says:

    well, I get really warm while I struggle to quilt a twin size tshirt quilt but I would rather be playing with anything in my studio… it gives me a warm feeling inside!!!

  14. Any day is a great day to play with thermofax screens!!! Enjoy your play, Lyric.

  15. Cold and dreary days are perfect for machine stitching!

  16. During our first winter storm of the season, I was inspired to pull out some flannels and make a quick, cozy, flannel throw.

  17. Gelli printing because my paint stays workable longer!


  18. My Mom always wanted to go for walks during snow storms and it seems I have taken on her odd habit in a new way. It seems I always want to go out and paint or dye on cold days, not the dry warm days. I’m a little crazy that way! It’s a good thing I have a covered patio!

  19. Carol Kunnerup says:

    Making marks and prints are way fun in just the perfect light. Love crocheting under a cuddly home made quilt, too, though.

  20. A yucky day outside is great for focusing on machine quilting! But thermofax screening is great too! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  21. JoAnn Hyde says:

    Being at my sewing machine working on an art quilt or perhaps a doll. With a nice cup of hot tea and either my IPod on its speaker or a movie on my laptop.

  22. On a cold wet (snowy!) day here in MN, I like to work on whole cloth freeform free motion quilting! 🙂

  23. Your royal seagulls make me giggle. They have such personality. It has been bitterly cold here since before Thanksgiving. I have been knitting a baby cardi for my new grand nephew. I have never knit anything larger than a cowl before, but he is my nephew and I will do anything for him. I also play with color. Bright color! Color that I usually don’t use, like lime green, bright orange, or hot, hot pink. I live in the desert and everything is beige in winter, so I embrace the large box of crayons and try them all out. 🙂

  24. I lov creating postcards,,,people lov getting them in the mail,,,,and creating is a warm fuzzy,,,

  25. I like to snuggle under a quilt my friend gave me and knit lace. Thanks for the chance!

  26. We are having a huge cold spell in Oregon and the warmest place in our house is my sewing loft. I’ve battened down the hatches and completely immersed myself in fabric and decorative trims and threads. My mind is filled with creative inspiration and I’m creating wonderful little gifts for friends and family. I’ve always wanted to try screenwriting and would truly LOVE having these!

  27. On a cold, wet, shut in kind of day I love to weave. Sitting at my loom throwing the shuttle back and forth to create cloth brings me a feeling of happiness so that I forget what is happening outside.

  28. I love to sew, or curl up by the fire with my sketchbook and try some new ideas.

  29. Linda Hartzig says:

    On a cold dreary day I love to open my journal and just go for it….no plan just do it to see where it brings me

    Would love to win these

  30. On a cold day, I like to sew because it’s the warmest room in the house.

  31. Binding… cold days are for binding BIG quilts… w/hot chocolate and the remote control!!!

  32. Dear Lyric, on a cold day I love to spend my time machine quilting or painting with watercolours. I also love to create in my art journal.

  33. On foul-weather days, I’m happy to hole up in my bright, cheery studio doing almost anything. Right now, I’d love to settle in with watercolors and pens to create mandalas.

  34. Vicky LaValley says:

    I don’t seem to care what the weather is outside when I am creating art. I am lucky enough to have a studio with windows for light and inspiration. I can watch the birds, the snow and the neighbors to entertain my eyes and mind. I guess I just like to create no matter what mother natural is up to.


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